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We’ve been ‘putting on a show’ for over a decade, delivering some of the world’s most memorable events.

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We help brands tell their story and promoters deliver unforgettable experiences. We bring fans closer to sport & enable corporations to connect.

Where It
All Began

Our founders Jess and Hannah met back in 2008 while working together at Live Nation Entertainment. Over the years that followed, they were responsible for producing some of the UK’s largest music events and gained an excellent reputation for their drive and effortless ability to make every experience an awesome success.

In December 2016 they ventured away from Live Nation and FAB was borne out of a mutual desire to diversify and write their own rulebook.

Since then, FAB have produced a multitude of events across the globe, founded an army of “FAB Family”, and developed a roster of fabulous clients.

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Three Amigos


Our partnership with marketing collective Three Amigos allows us to amplify audience experiences through content creation, and increase our clients reach through creative campaigns.

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“It's important to us that the work we do is meaningful, exciting and memorable. We care about the mark we leave. Producing sustainable events is a priority for us.”

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Our Promise

  • Support and Availability
  • Clear Communication
  • Expert Advice
  • Dedicated Specialists
  • One Hell of a Show
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