What We Do

From creation and planning, to production and promotion, for us, no two days are the same – and that’s the way we like it!

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Project Management

From large scale music festivals, to boutique brand launches, we manage projects from concept through to fulfilment and everything in between. We’re able to provide a genuine end-to-end solution to projects on any scale, our team know how to fulfil every aspect of what it takes to deliver live events.

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Talent Management

Whether it’s A-listers from the worlds of music, film, sport or world leaders, our talent management team regularly work alongside international megastars. From the advance stages of an event, right through to onsite and delivery, we are there every step of the way, providing a wealth of knowledge and experience.

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Site Design

Give us a totally blank canvas and we’ll transform it into the perfect event site. Our team will create a to-scale site plan, which is then replicated on the ground using GPS technology. Through our experience in audience demographics, and taking into consideration exit widths, flow rates, and venue topography, our sites are designed and built to the highest of standards in construction and event safety.

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Through meticulous detail and obsessive organisation, our logistics team work around the clock to ensure the smoothest possible process for our clients, crews and talent. From processing visas, to organising travel routes by air, sea, and land, and managing mega accommodation bookings, we are on hand to take the hassle out of logistics.

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Every brief needs a strategic response. Whether it’s a creative strategy to inform an experience, or a brand strategy to find your role in the world of events, our team have worked with some of the biggest brands all over the world.

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Health & Safety

Our team of experts are specially trained in event safety, with decades of experience in crowd management, capacity calculations, event licensing, we offer a reassuring pair of hands to all of our clients.

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Technical Production

From festival stages to brand activations to conference halls, we deliver the highest standards in technical production on all scales.

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We know better than anyone how to amplify the live experience. From pre-event marketing to on the ground content creation, we’re here to help.

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Our team’s vision and creative direction is a core part of delivering the best possible experience. With a passion for telling engaging narratives that resonate with all sorts of audiences, we bring our expertise in production, design and animation to give your vision the ultimate foundation.

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