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BTS Love Yourself Speak Yourself

The Concept

We were contracted by Live Nation UK, Live Nation Korea and Big Hit Entertainment to produce all of the external activities and merchandise activations for the Wembley Stadium date of the Love Yourself Speak Yourself World Tour.

When it comes to spend per head, BTS merchandise sales are unprecedented, continuously exceeding the average in the industry, so our challenge was to create a safe and efficient operation to optimise the income, whilst all the time ensuring an exceptional customer experience was maintained.

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BTS Love Yourself Speak Yourself BTS Love Yourself Speak Yourself


We facilitated the largest volume of merchandise sales at any touring show across Europe! 

We were responsible for overseeing all operations and worked closely with the venue, local authorities and contractors to produce all licensing and event management documentation.   The smooth running ingress received positive feedback, helping to further solidify our relationship with local authorities. The band beat merchandise sales records that have been held by The Rolling Stones since 2012!

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